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RSTelecom - Hosted VoIP Solutions Versatility & Simplicity Hosted Telephony Solutions Simplified sophistication at your fingertips. A hosted telephony solution with no hidden agenda's,
no frills and no Long term commitments. A telephone solution that's TaylorMade according to your
business needs and Budget you talk we listen.
RSTelecom - Hosted VoIP Solutions Set your anchors! Take a call anywhere anytime . . . With our advanced call forwarding feature, you'll never miss a call
and never miss a sale. take back control of your telecommunications
with our hosted telephony solutions.
RSTelecom - Hosted VoIP Solutions Softphone Solutions For residential and commercial use. pre-configured Hosted VoIP Solutions


Scalable, Cost-effective hosted telephony solutions.

Efficiently manage your hosted telephony solutions within your organization. In addition, you can access and use your phone service anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

That means you never have to miss an important call.

Whether you have 1 or 50 extensions. Therefore you’ll have access to RSTelecom’s Customer Support team 24/7.


Customer Reviews

RStelecom is a lifesaver! Since the moment we contacted them for our phone lines they were on it. Within a day we had internet and a fixed line with 3 telephones. We also took their hosted PBX solution. This is a much more cost-effective and reliable fixed-line provider. And as a restaurant, we can't afford a day without phones. The RS Telecom team has always been very helpful and quick to respond with their exceptional customer service and knowledge. I would def recommend them. Keep up the great work. Elze, owner Tashas Cafe, Menlyn Maine, Pretoria


Owner Tashas Cafe - Menlyn Maine
Moving from Telkom to a hosted pbx solution is one of the best decisions I have made in our Company. RSTelecom's Hosted Voice and PBX services are not only saving us money but also giving us the functionality and Customer service we have dreamed of for a long time!


CEO - Employee Benefit Consultants


More Power with a hosted telephony solutions

Reduced Call Cost

With a cloud-based telephone service provider, you are bound to start saving from the minute you sign up. Therefore Savings are up to 60% cheaper than traditional telephone solutions.

Manage your system on the go

Pre-paid or post-paid the cost is yours. Pre-paid airtime means you control exactly how much you spend. Post-paid means you’ll never have to top up. Either way, with your, account details available 24/7 online, there’ll be no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Enterprise Grade VoIP

With our international A-Grade VoIP, you can expect crystal clear calls, every time. We have not had a disappointed customer in years.

Turnkey Solution

With RSTelecom's communications as a service solution, we provide a comprehensive service becoming the only contact you require for your telecommunications requirements.


Our CMS system brings all the power back to the end user. As technology and trends change we change with it, allowing you and your telephone system to stay up to date at all times.

Affordable and reliable

With numerous hosted telephony service providers available today, we pride ourself on being affordable and reliable. The most important aspect is that our customers are happy and that their telecommunications solutions are according to their requirements and our standards.

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Easy to use

Easy to implement

Reduce your Telephone Costs and Complexity

Hosted Communications as a Service (Caas) from RSTelecom is the only solution you would ever require for your Telecommunication requirements. From Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for residential home telephone to cloud PBX solutions for your business, we provide everything your business needs to communicate across all departments and devices. There’s no complex equipment to maintain or expensive hardware to install. Everything is hosted in the cloud and managed by RSTelecom.So, what does Communications as a Service mean to your business? It means fewer vendors to manage, fewer apps to install and provision, and a single bill for all of your communications services. Whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees, you can have peace of mind at all times, knowing that everyone in your business can communicate easily across all departments with RSTelecoms CaaS solutions.

That's right!

Optimized for business

Every business is looking for the best communications solution at the best price. But, when you’re dealing with different providers for different aspects of your communications infrastructure, it can be difficult to manage costs.

With RSTelecom’s hosted telephony solutions, you only need a single provider to manage all of your needs: hosted voice, virtual phone numbers, cloud PBX, and call center software. The result? A unified communications solution that meets and exceeds your business’ needs for one low price.

No matter where in the world your business and your customers are located, RSTelecom’s hosted telephony solutions help you connect and communicate effortlessly. Need to communicate with customers around the globe and down the street? No Problem. Need to make inter-branch calls between offices around the world and across town? No problem. RSTelecom’s CaaS solutions are the answer to your local and global communications needs.

Managing your business’ communications infrastructure is easy when you let RSTelecom handle maintenance, upgrades, and equipment. All you and your employees need is a laptop, a headset or IP Phone and a reliable Internet connection to start communicating across all sectors of your business.

And when you choose RSTelecom’s Communications as a Service solutions, you simplify IT resources and management.

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